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November 30, 2104: Amputation+5 months, 24 days

Here’s the scoop!

Sorry it’s been a while since I posted anything; everything’s going well and I’m having a good life.

Each week, I get more used to my new tripawd status and am learning new ways of getting around and getting back to my old activities. I’ve figured out how to get to one of my favorite places on the top of the easy chair – see how comfy I look?


Right now there are just two places I can’t get to because they’re too high for me to jump on my one leg. I keep hinting to dad to see what he can do to help me out…

Dad has pulled a chair away from the dining room table to make it easier for me to get up on the dining room table so I can hang out with him when he eats a meal.

Data here: Jerry gets a pass on the dining room table because he just hangs out with me – I take my meal on one side of the table and Jerry takes a nap on the other side of the table. He never tries to get into my meal. At most, he might play with a coaster or a paper napkin. Tom isn’t interested, and I have to shoo Gordy because I can’t trust him because he will get into everything.

Lately I’ve been figuring out how to climb up the cat tree dad has in his office So far, I’ve made it halfway up (see the picture of me chilling out).


I tried for the top level (one above the top one in this picture), and while I could jump high enough to get to the level I couldn’t find a place to put my back leg and boost myself the rest of the way up. So, I had to drop back down. Cat tree: I will conquer you – you’ve been warned!

Dad here: I think the gentleman’s chest in the bedroom is out of the question – I really don’t have the room in the bedroom to add steps. However, the table in the foyer is a possibility – I just need to work out how to put in some levels/steps besides the table so Jerry can navigate up to the top. 

A while back, dad really showed his solidarity with me, and he became a tripod, too! He wasn’t anywhere near as graceful as me while walking around on three legs. Come to think of it, one the legs dad was using really looked odd. I didn’t like that clump-clump-clump noise he was making.

Dad here again: I had knee surgery and was hobbling around on a cane for about a month. 

Then, horror of horrors, Tom, Nemesis, and I were thrown in jail!

Dad: I went on vacation to Ireland and boarded the guys at my vet’s office. Not the ideal situation, but with Jerry’s epilepsy I feel best leaving him and the rest of the pride with the vet. All the staff love my cats and I know all three of them get extra-spoiled. While I was on vacation, I asked the staff to check out Jerry. He’s doing great and his chest X-ray was clear – so no evidence the cancer has spread. 

Eventually dad must have felt really guilty, and he rescued the three of us from jail. I was so happy to get home and be with dad again! I must have purred for hours!


4 thoughts on “November 30, 2104: Amputation+5 months, 24 days”


    Jerry, you sound like the PURRFECT dinner companion! Such a well behaved kitty!

    And my oh my! Did you and Gordo and Tom hit the kitty lottery or what?! You are sooooooowell loved and cared for by your Dad! Very lucky kitties indeed!! I mean, really….a Dad who shows solidarity by becoming a “tripod” with you!!!

    Glad everybody’s doing so well now! CONGRATULATIONS in the great report card while you were in “jail”!!!

    Thanks for sharing great photos and such a wonderful update! Extra treats and ear scratches for all!!

    I’ll be grinning all day!

    Hugs to all!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

    1. Hello, all,

      On behalf of Jerry – who’s too busy at the moment since The Pride just got fed – I want to thank you for your kind comments. I’m just amazed how well Jerry is doing.

      The various postings and articles on the Tripawds site really helped me get through the initial shock and fear I felt when the cancer came back and amputation was the best route. While I wish we could have saved the leg, I’m thankful we caught the cancer really early (before it had much chance to spread) and that amputation would take care of the situation.

      Jerry and I are really fortunate that we have a great team of folks at my vet’s office. Whenever you hear the diagnosis of cancer, it’s usually how much time is left? In this case Jerry lucked out so instead of having to say “good-bye” he and I have embarked on a new adventure.

      Joe (aka “dad”)

  2. Joe and Jerry, I LOVE this update! First, it’s pawesome to know you’re getting around so well. You are doing GREAT Jerry (and you too Joe, sounds like you did OK with the knee surgery?). And the detail you share is SO helpful for other TriCats who are looking for hope that their future will be fun and fancy free once again. Thanks for taking time to chronicle your ongoing adventures.

    Pawesome, pawesome news. You sure are livin’ the life kiddo!

    1. Thanks for you kind comments. I’m doing well – in the great scheme of things the knee surgery was on the minor end of the scale – one shredded and one torn meniscus in my right knee. I was back to work in a week.

      It’s been amazing how well Jerry is adapting – he really just doesn’t care. I’ve always said his watchword was “whatever” and he just keeps reminding me of that. The blog was almost called “whatever” but when I came up with “3 cats, 11 paws”, I couldn’t resist – especially since Tom and Gordy are a part of the story. In fact Jerry and Gordy just took off running – Gordy chasing Jerry. When Jerry gets up a good head of steam on the run it looks like he still has all four paws.

      I’m only too happy to share our continuing adventure; it was others’ journeys here that really helped me get through everything when the cancer came back.

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