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July 5, 2014: Amputation+1 month

Here’s the scoop!

Today I celebrated my one-month ampuversary! Dad gave me EXTRA treats today, one of my favorite things. What I can’t understand is why we don’t celebrate this daily–just for the treats, of course.

I’m feeling well and doing great. Over the last week, I started getting into bed with Dad again. Typically, I jump atop the chest at the foot of the bed and then hop up onto the bed.

Dad here – I have seen Jerry go directly from the floor to the bed in one leap…

I sometimes like to snuggle with Dad at night – usually under his right arm so I can lay my head on his shoulder. What can I say, I really like being around him anytime I can–and what cat doesn’t like a snuggly, warm place to sleep?

Dad and I started playing one of my favorite games again: “Pounce!”. The reason I like it so much is that the moment Dad puts his hand under the blankets, it transforms into some kind of monster that I simply am compelled to kill. Typically, I prefer method #3 from the Feline Handbook (grabbing the sheets and shaking them to get at the monster) as it always works. I’ve not yet leaped across the bed as I used to, but I will–and Dad better watch out then as that monster is in for serious hurting!

Dad here – this game has been the one Jerry and I have played since he was a little kitten. I’m so glad he’s feeling well enough to kill the “monster” again!

For some reason, my getting dressed in the morning gets Jerry extra excited – I get lots of bumps on my legs, tail shakes, and chat. This was the first day I’d seen him do this since the amputation. Yet another reminder of just how well he’s adapted to the new reality in which he lives.

Jerry here – I was able to knock Dad on his back! Yes!

Dad again – Another favorite game of his is “Knock Daddy Over”. When Jerry is on the bed and kneading my legs, I pretend he can knock me on my back. He then gets up on my chest and is as happy as can be.

Jerry here – don’t believe him! I take him down all by myself!

Another thing Jerry did (before amputation) when in a playful or very happy mood is to get up on his hind legs and lightly paw my leg for attention. While he has not yet tried balancing on one leg, today he did sit up on his haunches and pawed at my leg, just as he used to.

Every time another one of his typical behaviors re-emerge after the amputation, I smile as it’s one more way he’s proving that he’s truly the “Whatever” cat–and that nothing’s going to stop him now.


6 thoughts on “July 5, 2014: Amputation+1 month”

  1. OK First things first..HOPPY AMPUVERSARY!

    But Waaaaait a minute! You’re a Jerry too?

    How totally COOL! I’m a Jerry! And all my life I wanted a brudda named Tom, but no go.

    You’ve got one pawesome dad there, it’s clear that he loves you all very, very much.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. You know you’re helping a LOT of people who are otherwise feeling so scared and alone. What an inspawration you are Jerry!

    Can’t wait to follow along with your adventures. Thanks again.

  2. Happy Hippy Hoppy 1 month ampuversary Jerry Kat! How the heck did we miss you until now? Just got caught up on the scoop ’bout you and your homies. You have Glad to hear you are getting the hang of this tripawd thang! And dig your motto…..3 legs? WhatEVER!

    Codie Rae

  3. This update has us all grinning ear to ear! What a wonderful AMPUVERSARY Jerry!

    I love reading how jerry’s normal behavior continues to return with even more joy than before! And it only gets better! You better tell the monster he had better watch out, very on the loose!

    Section up lifting update, keep them coming mission point skip the treats though. I think this calls for a bowl of ice cream and cake!


    Sally and Happy Hannah

  4. More tripawd kitties!! Well, I’m sorry for why you are here, but you’ve found a great group of tripawd cats (and dogs, I guess they’re OK too 🙂 ).

    Congrats on the 1 month ampuversary! Looks like Jerry is doing great!! It’s amazing how they get back to normal (or a modified normal) so fast.

    I also want to say that 3 cats is just right – chaos but never lonely, right? Especially with 3 rambunctious boys. Same thing at my house! I’m pretty sure Sebastian feels the same about his brothers as Jerry does about Nemesis. And what great names yours have!

    Anyway, welcome aboard and I look forward to reading about more of Jerry’s adventures!

    1. Hey, Sebastian,

      Thanks for the kind note. Jerry is doing fine – when I first hit the amputation wall, I didn’t know what to do. My vets kept telling me Jerry would be fine and would adapt. I intellectually believed the vet (I’ve been going to this practice for 23 years), but my heart had to see it to believe it. Jerry just keeps amazing me how quickly he’s adapting to his new adventure.

      All my best to you and your pride and stay tuned for more updates.

  5. You guys! I’m so glad to hear that Jerry is doing well. I’ll bet he’ll have a strong upper body (like me) in no time so he can pull himself up into all his favorite places. Thanks for sharing your story! Purrs to Jerry. Hey, I wonder if we had kittens, would they all have 3 legs now? Ah. MomFOD has just reminded me that I am fixed. Nevermind. – Crepes.

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