Hoppy Ampuversary to Me! Amputation + 1 year

I celebrated my 1 year Ampuversary yesterday with dad, Tom, and Nemesis (aka Gordy). Dad made me a special chicken meal that was very, very good.

Dad here – I bought Jerry a can of Fancy Feast to celebrate. All members of my Pride are on a special diet so Fancy Feast is not his usual food. Jerry really enjoyed it.

Dad made sure I got to eat most of it, and then let me “share” the leftovers with Tom and Nemesis. Then Dad gave us all some treats. Then he gave me a few extra! It was a nice party!

Dad here – Jerry had his annual physical in April; the chest X-ray came back absolutely clear – no evidence of any cancer! Jerry’s in excellent health and spirits (as are Tom and Gordy). Tom and Jerry both celebrated their 10th birthday in April, and on June 2 we (at least Tom and me) celebrated Gordy coming to live with us – I rescued him off the street 4 years ago and he’s been thriving ever since.