June 15, 2014: Amputation+10 Days

Here’s the scoop!

Today, I made the great escape from my recovery room. As a service to my fellow Tripawd felines who may be reading, I offer the following checklist for you to use in your own escape plans:

Step 1: Get Dad’s attention.

About 4:45 AM, things were fine but I was B-O-R-E-D and knew Dad was up at that time. I decided to take advantage of his being half awake by brushing my E-collar against the door to the room where I’ve been confined since coming home from the hospital. I understand Dad calls this “making a fuss” or “good lord, what now?”–never been sure which, but either way it works to summon him as needed.

As I felt like going for the gold, I decided to do a “level two Staff Call” for attention. I started by rubbing the cone against the door frame, which makes a lot of noise and added a nice  layer of “HEY LET ME OUT OF HERE” in Cat repeatedly.

I figured the vocals were a good flourish, sure to get some response out of him. I was right because he came up the stairs and….


Step 2: Make it as hard as possible for Dad to get into the room.

I made sure to position myself right at the door and wouldn’t move much (an inch or less) each time Dad tried to open the door.  Eventually, I moved enough so he could finally enter the trap (oops, I mean room.)


Step 3: Run for it!

As soon as Dad got the door open, I circled wide and headed out the door. I didn’t get that far – I got to the top of the stairs and wasn’t sure how to deal with them yet. My nemesis-in-residence, Gordy, was there to witness the event. Finally, he’s good for something!


Step 4: Get busted.

Once I stopped to size up the situation, Dad was able to catch me and take me back into the room.

When I was back in the room, Dad took the E-collar off and I had a good breakfast, so at least I got SOMETHING for the Level Two Staff Call (which takes a lot of work, let me tell you!).  He keeps making noises about “1 more day” but I have no idea what he’s talking about.

Apologies to any feline Tripawd readers seeking recovery room escape tips….but as they often say on that show Dad likes to watch, resistance is futile.


Dad here: It was so great to see Jerry moving at a good clip to get out of the room! His progress just continues to amaze me as he’s such a trooper. His stitches come out tomorrow, and then he’ll lose the collar completely. He’ll slowly be reintroduced into the rest of the house and get back in touch with The Pride, AKA his housemates, Tom and Gordy.


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